‘Mass Aging’ of Dams a Global Safety and Financial Risk, UN Report Says

A global dam-building binge that spanned the early- to mid-20th century is now reaching a turning point, according to a report published by the United Nations.

Perspective | Do Two Failed Dams Foretell a Dire Future?

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Country’s Aging Dams, a ‘Sitting Duck,’ Facing a Barrage of Hazards

Repairing all the country’s deficient dams could cost $70 billion. Having them fail would come with a far greater price, experts say.

Molybdenum Ore Spill Is China’s Biggest Tailings Leak in Nearly 20 Years

A spillage of waste molybdenum ore in northeast China last month was the biggest tailings leak the country witnessed in almost 20 years and needed the toughest environmental emergency response, the environment ministry said on Monday.

Mining Giant Behind Deadly Dam Collapse Took Lax Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Vale SA, the mining entity responsible for the deadly dam collapse in Brazil, took a lax approach towards corporate responsibility.

FERC Panel Finds Deficiencies in Oroville Dam Safety Reviews

After the Oroville spillway failure, hydropower regulators assess the dam inspection process.

Oroville Emergency a Warning for U.S. Dam Safety

California prepares for long battle with Oroville’s damaged spillway.

Alabama Risks Lives with No Dam Oversight

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U.S. Dam Safety Improves But Faces Evolving Risks

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