In Oakland, Still A City With Thorns, A New Garden Emerges (Part II)

Quality of life and economy thrive with greater care for water,…

In Oakland, Still A City With Thorns, A New Garden Emerges (Part I)

Quality of life and economy thrives with greater care for water,…

Zambia Electricity Shortage Highlights Africa’s Hydropower Shortfalls

Amid a changing social and environmental landscape, Sub-Saharan Africa turns to its rivers.

Oakland’s Water Treatment Plant Generates Its Own Energy and Then Some

Plant is at the center of a big move to also solve city’s solid waste problem.

Infographic: Hoover Dam’s Troubled Waters

Completed in 1935, Hoover Dam supplies electricity to 29 million people in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Ajay Krishnan

Can something be made of nothing? According to the research of…

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Technology Researchers at Michigan State University are developing…

Delhi Dispatch: Rice, Wheat, and Water Serve Up Equal Helpings of Punjab’s Wealth and Risk

Free power, water, fertilizer, and chemicals encourages abuse of resources for world’s number two rice and wheat producer.

The Stream, October 9: Water Stops Flowing to Tamil Nadu, India

Cauvery River Dispute The Hindu reported that water releases…

The Stream, August 21: Microbes in Drinking Water Provide New Insights

Drinking Water Bacteria A University of Michigan study showed…

The Stream, August 8: Rice — A Bright Spot for Global Food

Global affected 20,000 farmers and ruined about 6,500 hectares…

The Stream, July 31: Earth’s Land Has Warmed 1.5 Degrees Over Past 250 Years

The Earth's land has warmed by 1.5 degrees Celsius over the past…