The Stream, February 1: New Water Technology Could Give Crops a Boost

Researchers at Michigan State University are developing flexible films that, when placed in sandy soil, could increase water retention efficiency by up to 20 times, Gizmag reported. The technology aims to boost crop production during droughts, and may have the added benefit of protecting groundwater from agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.

Water Supply and Infrastructure
While it is clear that energy production requires large quantities of water, the production and transportation of clean water also requires large quantities of energy, the Guardian reported. According to the report, 13 percent of the electricity used in the United States goes to move, treat and heat water.

A report by PRI’s The World looks at the expansion of urban rainwater harvesting in Mexico City, which is being pursued in large part by private citizens and local environmental groups, as the city’s aquifer continues to be depleted.

The Indonesian government has set new plans for improving the nation’s water supply in an effort to meet Millennium Development Goals and expand rice production, Xinhua reported, citing an Indonesian government official.

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