EPA Nominee Regan Touts Collaboration during Senate Confirmation Hearing

North Carolina’s top environmental regulator would seek “common ground” if confirmed in the federal role.

EPA Says It Will Regulate Two PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water

The EPA’s PFAS action plan includes steps for regulation, monitoring, detection, and cleanup.

In Flint Water Crisis, EPA’s Friendly Relationship with State Regulators Delayed Use of Legal Authority

Despite warning signs, federal authorities were slow to act in Flint, the agency’s internal watchdog says.

EPA Delays Lead and Copper Rule Again, Promises ‘War on Lead’

Draft proposal now expected in August 2018, a seven-month delay.

Panel Recommends Changes to Two-Decade-Old EPA Water Affordability Guidelines

The EPA has heard similar suggestions before. Will the agency act decisively this time?

EPA Cleanup Plan for Houston Superfund Site Opposed by Industry

The San Jacinto waste pits were flooded during Hurricane Harvey.…

Undermanned EPA Delays Action on Lead in Drinking Water

For second time, draft of new health regulation is deferred.

Clean Water Rule Repeal Cannot Come at a Pen Stroke

Trump executive order seeks to remove federal protections for…

2017 Preview: Window of Opportunity for U.S. Department of Agriculture

Can the USDA make inroads for water quality and water infrastructure…

EPA Turns Away from CAFO Water Pollution

Inspections and enforcement have declined since 2011, but fines…

After Flint Failure, EPA Refocuses Federal Drinking Water Role

Agency notes that safe water is a communal effort. By…

EPA Announces National Wastewater Nutrient Pollution Census

Agency will study nitrogen and phosphorus removal at wastewater…