Flint Residents Unimpressed by Snyder Charges Linked to Lead Poisoning

  By Kelly House, Bridge Michigan  Bridge reporter…

Water Inequality Used to be a Developing World Problem Only. Not Any More.

The problems of water scarcity and polluted supplies are no longer solely the preserve of developing countries.

In Flint Water Crisis, EPA’s Friendly Relationship with State Regulators Delayed Use of Legal Authority

Despite warning signs, federal authorities were slow to act in Flint, the agency’s internal watchdog says.

Michigan Lawmakers Regroup in Human Right to Water Effort

Republican support will be needed for the Democratic proposal. By…

Undermanned EPA Delays Action on Lead in Drinking Water

For second time, draft of new health regulation is deferred.

In Flint Water Probe, Five Officials Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charge

Criminal investigation touches off dispute at top level of state…

No Filter: Treating Drinking Water at the Faucet Is Rarely a Utility’s Contamination Solution

Under-the-sink filters are effective. But regulators impose stringent…

2017 Preview: Flint Lead and Infrastructure Troubles Remain

Flint drinking water is not the wreck it was, but it is still…

After Flint Failure, EPA Refocuses Federal Drinking Water Role

Agency notes that safe water is a communal effort. By…

America’s Water Infrastructure Requires New Mindset

Trust, cooperate, and innovate for safe water and thriving communities. By…

President Obama’s Flint Visit is Critique of “Culture of Neglect” That Damages Nation’s Water

Escalating risks drive water quality and supply to top of public…

Water Systems Need Investment and Affordability

Utilities are pulled by opposing economic and infrastructure pressures.