USGS Map Reveals Long-Term Changes in America’s Groundwater Quality

Further studies needed to explain contamination trends. By…

Septic System Pollution Contributes to Disease Outbreaks

More research and funding is needed to help understand the severity By…


The long road to information about a federal study of fracking’s…

The Stream, April 9: Chilean Court Green-lights Patagonia Dam Project

Patagonia Chile's supreme court has rejected seven appeals filed…
Infographic: China’s Water Pollution Events and Protection Policies (2004-2011)

Infographic: China's Water Pollution Events and Protection Policies (2004-2011)

China has some of the dirtiest and most dangerous water in the world. This detailed and interactive timeline shows key pollution events, protests, and policy reforms from the last eight years at both the national and regional levels as China tries to clean up its act.
USGS groundwater water pollution contamination 2011 report arsenic manganese radon uranium

USGS Report: Trace Elements Exceed Health Standards in 20 Percent of U.S. Water Wells

Utilities are required by law to treat water to national standards, but no such controls exist for private wells, where the risk from contaminants is greater.

The Stream, April 1: Hydrocarbons

After recent reports on NPR and The New York Times, this week…

Nitrate Contamination Spreading in California Communities' Water

The California Watch nitrates project revealed that wells that serve more than two million Californians have been contaminated with nitrates at levels that surpass the public health limit.

Nuclear Fallout: Nevada Takes Hard Look at Contaminated Groundwater From Historic Testing Grounds

The Yucca Flat area of the Nevada Test Site is scarred with subsidence craters from underground nuclear testing[/caption]Decades of nuclear weapons testing has contaminated an estimated 1.6 trillion gallons of groundwater in the Nevada desert, a region where clean water is scarce and getting scarcer.

ExxonMobil To Pay NYC $105 Million For Water Pollution

ExxonMobil To Pay NYC $105 Million For Water PollutionAfter 11 weeks in court, a federal jury has found ExxonMobil liable for polluting six public drinking wells in southeastern Queens.