The Stream, April 9: Chilean Court Green-lights Patagonia Dam Project

Chile’s supreme court has rejected seven appeals filed against a project that plans to build five large dams in Patagonia, the Guardian reported. The controversial project could generate up to 20 percent of Chile’s electricity demand in 2020 but is opposed by green groups concerned about its potential environmental damage.

India and Pakistan have agreed in principle to set up an independent office of the Indus Water Commission to monitor and promote sustainable development in the regions of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, and to avert potential water tensions between the two neighboring states, The News International reported.

About 58 islands in the Maldives have reported water shortages and asked for emergency water supplies since the beginning of the year, Minivan News reported, citing the the country’s National Disaster Management Center.

U.S. Water Law
An Iowa judge has upheld water quality regulations that require anyone with new or expanded wastewater discharges into waterways to obtain permits and certification from the state, AP reported.

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit to force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to finalize new standards regulating the containment and disposal of coal ash, Reuters reported. Green groups say that coal ash disposal could contaminate groundwater if the storage ponds and landfills are improperly built.

U.K. Drought
Seven water companies have introduced hosepipe bans affecting about 20 million customers in parts of drought-stricken southern and eastern England, the BBC reported.

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