Q & A: Charles Fishman on The Big Thirst

Our guest today is Charles Fishman, an award winning investigative journalist and author of the best selling book "The Wal-Mart Effect." We caught up with Fishman during his tour for "The Big Thirst," his latest book focusing on water issues around the world.
Urban Water Access 2011

Infographic: Urban Areas vs. Water Access Global Map

This is a global overview of the water access (as a percentage of population) and of the urban factor.

Q&A: How General Electric is Tackling the Water Crisis

Circle of Blue interviews General Electric Water’s Director of marketing Jeff Fulgham.

Vancouver Promotes Tap Water During Olympic Games

Metro Vancouver is promoting the use of municipal tap water instead of purchasing bottled water during the Olympic Games. Municipal officials seek to reduce the city’s bottled water consumption by 20 percent at the end of the year as a part of their Tap Water Campaign.