Kansas Town Faces Big Bill to Clean Drinking Water

In farm country, the cost of nitrate pollution often falls on…

U.S. Governors Address Water

State of the State speeches highlight water resources Photo…
John Burchard, General Manager of the Alpaugh Community Services District, walks a ditch bank on the outskirts of town. The small farmworker community in California's Central Valley suffers from high levels of arsenic and other contaminates in its drinking water.

2015 Water Preview, Part II: National – States React to New Era of Water Scarcity

Water is priority in state legislatures and governors’ offices.

State Water Plans Are Coming Due

Reporter Brett Walton previews two plans — in Arkansas and Colorado — that will be unveiled this week, in addition to the Kansas plan that is due out next year

U.S. State Water Plans Are Ready for Review

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Kansas Water District Votes on Ogallala Conservation Plan

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Ogallala Water Use Climbs as Drought Intensifies in the Southern Plains

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Q & A: Julene Bair, Author of The Ogallala Road

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Rooted in the Land, One Kansas Rancher Manages the Ecosystem as a Whole

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Report: Society’s Water Safety Net Is Fraying

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Guess Who Proposed the Missouri River Pipeline in the Federal Government’s Colorado River Basin Study?

Hint: It’s not who you might think, says Circle of Blue reporter Brett Walton.