The Stream, August 24: Shale Gas In The Colorado River Basin

About 30 million people from Wyoming to Southern California who…
An aerial view of an intentional breach in levee L-575 near Hamburg, Iowa, June 20. The intentional breach was created by the local sponsor and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following a full breach of the levee June 13. The intentional breach was conducted by the sponsor to delay the time in which the area behind the levee would flood. The levee is located at River Mile 552 in Atchison County, Mo. (U.S. Army Photo)

Water Continues to Rise: Floods Rage in States along Missouri River

Towns from Montana to Iowa are bracing for flood waters as heavy rains fall across the region and warm temperatures melt record snowfall.

The Stream, April 13: Legal Matters

Dams in Brazil Despite calls for a moratorium, Brazil’s government…

My Wetland is Your Wetland: EPA Awards Funding to Midwest Marshes

The U.S. EPA is awarding $1.17 million in grants to Iowa, Kansas,…

Choking on Change: Study Estimates Cost of Water Pollution

MANHATTAN, Kansas -- A sip of water, a wad of singles, a wending…