The Stream, August 24: Shale Gas In The Colorado River Basin

About 30 million people from Wyoming to Southern California who get their water supply from the Colorado River could face unprecedented water shortages if oil shale development increases in the Colorado River Basin, and climate change continues to disrupt patterns of rain and snow, Reuters reported, citing a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The shale gas boom in the United States is creating a market opportunity for wastewater disposal and treatment technologies, Forbes reported, citing a new study by the Artemis Project, a consulting firm that advises corporations on water strategy. According to the consultancy, more and more companies are innovating new technologies to clean up fracking wastewater.

If the persistent drought that has spread from Kansas to Texas continues into the planting months of September and October, U.S. grain output and acreage might shrink significantly for a second consecutive year, according to Bloomberg.

Foreign Policy explains what really drove 12,000 Chinese people to the streets of Dalian in mid-August in protest to a chemical factory.

The Guardian is hosting a live webchat on population growth and the environment with Professor David Coleman of Oxford University, one of Britain’s leading demographers.

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