The year in water 2017

A new era of severe environmental and economic disruption around the world upends freshwater supplies.

One By One Big Hydropower Dams Disrupt Mekong River’s Free Flow

In unfolding global energy revolution, expensive and ecologically risky dams may not be right choice to generate more electricity.

The Stream, August 24: Shale Gas In The Colorado River Basin

About 30 million people from Wyoming to Southern California who…

Water Pollution Solution — New York Experiments with Coal Tar “Sponges” in Hudson River

Testing new methods to remove residual coal tar from riverbeds in New York.

Giving Our Choke Point The Heimlich Maneuver

In the U.S. a fifth of all energy may be consumed by water, and the biggest use of water – 42% by some estimates – is for energy.

Tar Sands Oil Production, An Industrial Bonanza, Poses Major Water Use Challenges

Ensuring Americans enjoy a lifestyle built on choice and mobility.

Infographic: Anatomy of a Gas Well

Several layers of steel casing typically enclose a well bore and the empty spaces between can be sealed with cement.

Infographic: What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

Hydraulic fracturing is a process used in nine out of 10 natural gas wells in the United States.

India and Pakistan Dispute Water Use for Hydropower, Agriculture

India strives to redirect water, currently used for Pakistani agriculture, on the Kishanganga River for 330 megawatts.

Drought, Climate Change Jeopardize Global Hydropower Policies

Less precipitation + more extreme droughts = electricity shortages.

Video: Toxic Coal Ash Town in Indiana

A small Indiana town is slated for cleanup as an EPA Alternative Superfund Site.

Helsinki, Water and the Future of Chemistry?

Helsinki HELSINKI -- The first international Helsinki Chemical Forum (HCF) is well underway, and among the topics being talked about is water.