Slowly, With Earth Pushing Hard, A Confederacy Of Concern Develops

Circle of Blue Senior Editor Keith Schneider discusses how new energy-efficient, water-conserving, land-protecting operating principles are slowly becoming priorities around the world.

To Frack Or Not? Let’s Ask The Right Question

It's apparent why a great number of Michigan residents wonder about the risks of fracking and whether the state and the federal government ought to shut the technology down. The industrial breakthrough that now enables developers to recover oil and natural gas from hydrocarbon-rich shales 6,000 to 10,000 feet beneath the surface is potentially fraught with danger.
Workers swarm a big water transport canal near Tilda, India undergoing repair and expansion to serve the steam production and cooling requirements of the region’s expanding number of big coal-fired power plants.

2012 Year In Review: At the Front Line of the Global Contest Over Water, Food, and Energy

Circle of Blue's senior editor Keith Schneider reflects on — and celebrates — this year's body of work from our top reporters.

The Stream, December 17: India Faces Severe Warming by 2100

India's climate outlook in the upcoming century is bleak, according…

Contest Between Water and Energy Becoming Big Story

Back from China, Circle of Blue's senior editor notices a trend creeping from our headlines to those of other news organizations around the world.

Coal Conversion in the Rust Belt: Will It Be a Diamond for Small Ohio River Town?

An energy company has plans to withdraw water from the Ohio River, the potential site for a coal-to-liquid fuels conversion plant, which would be the first of its kind in the United States and the sixth in the world. Though it will bring jobs to the region, the proposal is facing strong opposition from environmental groups.

Tar Sands Oil Production, An Industrial Bonanza, Poses Major Water Use Challenges

Ensuring Americans enjoy a lifestyle built on choice and mobility.

Divining Destiny: Water Challenges in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley

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China Karst Credits

Acknowledgments Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars China…

Climate Deal Not Accepted By All, But Copenhagen Conference Makes It “Operational”

COPENHAGEN—Seven countries, led by the tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, this morning declined to accept the Copenhagen Accord that was reached late last night.

Final Week of Copenhagen, the Last Act of Negotiations Remains Unclear

Like all spellbinding human dramas the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which today entered its second and last week, represents the accumulated chapters of an urgent script - the fate of the planet.

Big Copenhagen Demonstration – Noisy, Colorful, Insistent – Pushes For Climate Action

COPENHAGEN – Great social movements are about the intelligence and vision of individuals, and the compelling strength of crowds. Both have been in abundance throughout the first week of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and especially today.