Divining Destiny: Water Challenges in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley

“Divining Destiny” Update

Managing Director
J. Carl Ganter

Project Producers
J. Carl Ganter
Andrea Hart
Andrew Maddocks

Senior Editor
Keith Schneider

Interactive Editor
Eric Daigh

Web Production
Eric Daigh
Jordan Bates

“Divining Destiny” 2006

Field Reporting
Brent Stirton, Getty Images
J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue
Joseph Contreras
Scott Whiteford, director of Latin American Studies, University of Arizona
Brian Robertshaw

Original Project Design
Shane Iseminger, Ethos Media

Wendy Desautels
Eileen Ganter

Picture Editing
Aaron Schindler
Karen Mullarkey

Production Staff
Nick Cain
Kyna Getsinger
Aaron Jaffe
Aric Kuester
Rich Odell
Lillie Wolff
Silvia Cortes-López

Pacific Institute
Peter Gleick
Pat Brenner

Getty Images
April Jenkins
Patie McNab

Magda Akle, Mario Bronfman, Jeffry Corbin, Pablo Farías, Barbara Goodbody, Dana Goodwin, Margie Araquistain, Raúl Hernández, Pablo Hernández, Brian Jaffe, Jennifer Jaffe, Lary lasusa, Jorge López, David Myhre, Soren Nielsen, Tonya Pole, Jonathan Wege, Alternativas, Broadleaf Foundation, Cherry Republic, Computer Haus, Nielsen Design Group, Symbiocycles Inc., Village Press

Primary funding for “Divining Destiny” was provided by the Ford Foundation.

Divining Destiny in the Tehuacán Valley

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