In Flint Water Probe, Five Officials Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charge

Criminal investigation touches off dispute at top level of state…
Au Sable

Divided Michigan Supreme Court Overturns Anglers of the Au Sable Decision, Reverses Environmental Victory

The Michigan Supreme Court’s new conservative majority overturned a four-month-old court decision by a 4-3 margin this week, casting doubt on the rights of state citizens to sue over environmental harm.

Michigan Supreme Court Decision in Au Sable River Case Shores Up Protection for Environment

Court blocks dumping into a popular fly-fishing stream, sets precedent to protect Michigan waters from pollution.

Michigan Supreme Court Case Could Strengthen Protection of State’s Lakes, Streams and Groundwater

An environmental group’s legal victory in the fight to block the dumping of water from a contaminated site into a popular Michigan fly-fishing stream may provide stronger legal protections for lakes and streams across the state.

Environmental Groups Sue BP Under Clean Water Act

Landmark act could be used by the federal government to recover billions in fines, send people to jail.

Nitrate Contamination Spreading in California Communities’ Water

The California Watch nitrates project revealed that wells that serve more than two million Californians have been contaminated with nitrates at levels that surpass the public health limit.

Clean Water Act Leaves Waterways Vulnerable to Pollution

As many as half of the nation’s largest water polluters might be exempt from the Clean Water Act’s requirements because Supreme Court decisions never clarified what waterways the act protects.

Michigan Takes Asian Carp Fight Back To the Supreme Court

Attorney General files a new brief to sever ties between Lake Michigan and carp-invested Chicago canals.