Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels

Food crisis continues in midst of severe El Nino drought. Photo…

El Nino Droughts Take Toll in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific

Millions of people from Australia to Ethiopia are facing water…

Delays in Drought Response Push East Africa Toward Another Food Crisis

Despite early-warning systems, the world lacks urgency in heading off slow-moving disasters.

Clean Water Act Turns 40 (Part II): A Harvest of Clean Water Exemptions on the Farm

The U.S. farm sector, more productive and richer than ever, is a major water polluter.

The Stream, August 21: Microbes in Drinking Water Provide New Insights

Drinking Water Bacteria A University of Michigan study showed…
NASA Satellite image of Lake Poyang

Pollution, Dry Weather Choke the World’s Major Lakes

Urban waste and falling water levels signaled a rough start to…

The Stream, January 11: Investors Tell Companies To Look At Water Security

Companies are not taking water security seriously when preparing…

The Stream, January 6: U.S. Toxic Releases Increased, Says EPA Report

United States The release of toxic chemicals into the environment…

The Stream, December 2: Climate Change Negotiations

The United States, along with Russia, Canada, Japan, China and…
Somalia Suffers from Severe Drought

Water and Food Security: Somalia Famine Grows, Drought Could Ease

Meteorologists are hopeful for future rainfall, though they say the current disaster was preventable. The lack of rain, which is also affecting neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, and political instability have tipped Somalia into a food crisis that could persist, even as drought conditions abate.
Texas Drought

Dried Up: Texas Industry and Residents Square Off Over Water as Drought Continues

With nearly 65 percent of Texas experiencing exceptional drought, water is becoming increasingly precious—and scarce—in a state that has to divide the resource between the growing appetites of farmers, city residents, and energy corporations.

Climate Extremes Will Strain UK Agriculture

New report shows that U.K. farming faces changing and more variable climate.