The Stream, January 11: Investors Tell Companies To Look At Water Security

Companies are not taking water security seriously when preparing their financial projections, according to some investors who fear that supply chains could be severely impacted by a lack of water, Bloomberg News reported.

Ports on Lake Victoria are having trouble accommodating boats as water levels continue to drop, falling as much as 5 meters, AlertNet reported. The low levels in the world’s second largest lake are attributed in part to changing rain patterns.

Cattle and other livestock could help reverse the desertification of agricultural land if their grazing is managed properly, experiments in Zimbabwe show, IPS News reported.

A large number of dead fish were found in China’s Xijiang River, according to Xinhua. An investigation is underway, but initial findings showed that the fish kill was not caused by a lack of oxygen or low water temperatures.

Will Australia change its policy on foreign land investment amid food security fears? A new report on the issue by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences is due to be released soon.

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