The Price of Water 2012: 18 Percent Rise Since 2010, 7 Percent Over Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities

Rates have increased in many cities, but local conditions dictate by how much and how the increase is distributed. Chicago prices are up nearly 25 percent, while Los Angeles is down by 9 percent.

The Stream, October 27: China’s Desalination Plans

A program in California's Imperial Valley offers farmers money…
Going the Distance for Water

Infographic: Going the Distance, From Ashgabat to Whyalla—10 Cities Pumping Water From Afar

In many cities, water travels far to reach the tap. Residents of the planet's driest places rely on extensive waterways to deliver their supply. Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about 10 cities that pipe water in from distant aquifers, plus additional plans to expand waterway networks even further.

California’s Central Valley to Get More Water

As the state recovers from a three-year drought and copes with a deteriorating water infrastructure, the nation's food supply just got a boost.

Peter Gleick: Why Do You Still Have a Top-loading Washing Machine?

Peter Gleick Washing MachineMy colleagues and I here at the Pacific Institute have been arguing for more than 15 years that California has enormous potential to save water by improving water use efficiency.

Buried for Decades, Urban Waterways Are Natural Cure for Concrete World

cheonggyecheon2 Among the losers of the great twentieth century urbanization were the rivers and streams in cities around the world, soon to be sharing their space with millions of new people.

Op-ed — A heartfelt plea for a sensible water policy

Dorthy Green discusses water use in California in a recent op-ed…

Polyethylene balls balance bromate levels in Ivanhoe Reservoir

High levels of bromate in Ivanhoe Reservoir have inspired officials…

The city of Los Angeles proposes new water restrictions

LOS ANGELES - In response to growing concerns over drought in…

L.A. prepares massive water-conservation plan

LOS ANGELES, California - With its vital and sometimes distant…