U.S. Military Aims to Improve Water Security, Climate Resilience

Initiatives show military sees serious climate and water security…

Director of National Intelligence: Water Still a U.S. National Security Concern

The U.S. intelligence community reiterates that the basic necessities…
Water Conflict Map

Water As A Weapon — Weapons For Water

Following devastating news of poisoned children in Afghanistan, reporter Codi Yeager look at water security and conflicts around the globe.

The Stream, April 19: Australia’s Water Market

New photos published on the Guardian reveal that early construction…

The Stream, November 3: U.S. Energy Security

Jobs created by the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline wouldn’t…

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Nowhere are the impacts of climate change more pronounced than…

The Stream, July 6: Climate Change and Security

A newly released report by the Institute for Policy Studies suggests…

EPA Greenhouse Gas Ruling Could Lead To Stricter Emissions Standards

EPA Chief says the agency has been fighting to make up for lost time on its climate change policies. A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruling that greenhouse gases pose a public health threat has set the stage for new emission regulations while setting off a battle in Congress and howls of protest from industry groups.

“Water Wars or Water Woes? Water Management as Conflict Management,” a presentation by Geoff Dabelko

In the new video “Water Wars or Water Woes? Water Management…