The Stream, November 3: U.S. Energy Security

Jobs created by the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline wouldn’t be worth the health and safety consequences if a spill contaminated water supplies, U.S. President President Barack Obama said in an interview with an Omaha television station, according to Bloomberg. What does this mean for the fate of the $7 billion project?

An influential U.S. military think tank urged the United States to cut its oil use by 30 percent over the next decade and drastically reduce its energy imports, or else the country would risk its national security, the Guardian reported.

Meanwhile, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA warned that the U.S. Energy Information Administration predictions of significantly greater production from shale resources may be overly optimistic and need closer scrutiny, the Oil & Gas Journal reported.

Here are photos of this week’s coal ash spill in Lake Michigan.

Shale gas exploration likely caused small earthquakes in northwest England earlier this year, U.K. energy company Cuadrilla Resources said in a study. The tremors were triggered by pumping vast quantities of water at high pressure 3 kilometers underground, Reuters reported.

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