The Stream, December 20: Coal — World’s Top Energy Source by 2017

By 2017, coal will supplant oil as the world’s top energy source, the International Energy Agency predicted. In the next five years, the world will increase its coal consumption by roughly the equivalent of the U.S. and Russia’s combined consumption today, driven primarily by growth in China and India.

Read a report from Circle of Blue’s Keith Schneider analyzing the challenges facing China’s search for natural-gas alternatives to coal energy.

Levels, Litigation, Legislation
Mississippi River levels are up roughly a foot-and-a-half since Monday to 12 feet, Fox News reported, after a release of Missouri River water and recent storms. The next round of restrictions for barge traffic will be imposed at 9 feet—a level which is not expected until January.

A Chicago plumbing-supply store is suing Nestle Waters North America for false advertising. The store had purchased five-gallon bottles of Ice Mountain water — advertised as “great-tasting spring water” — since 2008, Business Insider reported, only to discover in July that it was filtered municipal tap water. The store claims Nestle’s failure to disclose this fact causes customers to pay more than the municipal water rate based on false pretenses.

Key pieces of environmental legislation will likely remain in effect — and new laws may be added — because of President Barack Obama’s re-election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney had promised to roll back Environmental Protection Agency regulation, and would likely have changed agency appointments and halted other regulations under development, the Inter Press Service reported.

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