Concerns over Bottled Water and NAFTA Swirl during British Columbia Drought

Citizen petition calls for higher fees on Nestle and other bottled water companies while authorities worry about trade agreement implications.

California Drought Invites Scrutiny of Bottled Water, Fracking

A vortex of attention swirls around industrial activity that…

The Stream, January 11: Global Food Price Index Falls

U.S. Drought The Food Price Index for December 2012, released…

The Stream, December 20: Coal — World’s Top Energy Source by 2017

By 2017, coal will supplant oil as the world's top energy source,…

Water Law: Public Trust May Be Fresh Approach to Protecting Great Lakes

Canadian and American advocates join to promote big oversight idea of the "commons."

Water Demand-Supply Gap Rising At Alarming Rate, Report Shows

Global water demand will grow at an accelerated rate -- from 4,500 billion meters cubed to 6,900 billion cubed -- by 2030 increasing the water gap.

The Battle for the “Greenest” Bottle

bottles Following Pepsi and Nestle, Coca Cola is entering the race for the greenest water bottle.

Race to Create Space: Plastic Bottle Offers Lightweight Response to Consumer Concerns

Plastic remains the material of choice for bottled water, but…

Great Lakes Compact: Nestle Joins Bottled Water Exemption Debate

CHICAGO -- The bottled water loophole in the Great Lakes Compact…

Nestlé granted permission to drink from Michigan wells

DETROIT - While most of the world's glaciers are shrinking,…

Global warming presents potential bottleneck for proposed Nestle plant

SACRAMENTO - If Nestle Waters North America fails to consider…

Bottling plans scaled back

SACRAMENTO - The Nestle company on Monday said it is significantly…