Global warming presents potential bottleneck for proposed Nestle plant

SACRAMENTO – If Nestle Waters North America fails to consider the effects of global warming before opening a new bottled water plant in northern California, Attorney General Jerry Brown intends to sue the company. The plant’s design allows it to pump enough water in a single year to fill more than 3 million 8-ounce water bottles. After initial review, Brown remains concerned about the amount of oil and diesel the operation and its shipping requirements will demand, BusinessWeek reports.

“Nestle will face swift legal challenge if it does not fully evaluate the environmental impact of diverting millions of gallons of spring water from the McCloud River into billions of plastic water bottles,” determined Brown.

According to David Palais, Nestle’s Northern California natural resource manager, the company is planning to reassess their original contract with the host community of McCloud, California. The community vehemently rejected Nestle’s plan to operate at double its currently proposed capacity.

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Source: BusinessWeek

Image from McCloud Chamber of Commerce