The Stream, September 6: U.S. and Canada Finalize Great Lakes Water Quality

Environmental officials from the U.S. and Canada announced that…
Climate Change Deniers Cherry Picking Data

Peter Gleick: Misrepresenting Climate Science — Cherry-Picking Data for Political Purposes

In 2009, Harrison Schmitt, a former senator, astronaut, and self-described climate "denier" (and potentially the Energy Secretary to the new New Mexican governor), sent a paper to NASA riddled with long-debunked errors of science. Others have written about this paper, taking it apart error by error. But this week, some of those errors reappeared

More Bad News for Arctic Sea Ice

More Bad News for Arctic Sea IceA recent expedition to the Beaufort Sea revealed that “multiyear” Arctic sea ice is in effect, nonexistent, Reuters reports. Multiyear ice has “stiffer” composition than first year ice, and makes navigation through Arctic regions extremely difficult, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).