Election 2014 Recap: Voters Mostly Say ‘Yes’ to Water Spending

easures passed in California, Florida, and Maine, while North Dakota voted against conservation fund.

Business, Finance Leaders Address U.S. Water Policy

From markets and higher prices, better water systems will flow,…

Western U.S. Governors Begin Drought Discussions

Better plans and more data are needed to guide response. Photo…

California Lawmakers Prepare Final Push for Groundwater Regulation

The state will force local agencies to take control but allow them to set goals.

Lake Mead Drains to Record Low As Western Drought Deepens

Despite drying conditions, four states plan additional water…

Failed Ballot Measure Is Setback for Ogallala Water Conservation in Western Kansas

A plan to reduce water use by 20 percent was voted down last…

Kansas Water District Votes on Ogallala Conservation Plan

Using less water for agriculture is an idea spreading across…

Uttarakhand Flood Disaster Made Worse By Existing Hydropower Projects, Expert Commission Says

Report calls for new Himalayan development policy; stirs political battle in New Delhi.

California Governor’s Third Drought Order Sets New Water Rules, Requirements

As temperatures heat up and water supplies dwindle, Governor Jerry Brown’s third drought order deals with lawns, laws, and emergency response.

Warnings — They Are So Easy To Ignore

An American landslide as a global metaphor. Photo © Keith…

President Obama Signs Bill to Continue Funding National Drought Warning System

The National Integrated Drought Information System puts federal data in the hands of farmers, state officials, and businesses.

Governor Jerry Brown’s Response to California Drought Follows Two Paths

The governor introduced a $US 687 million emergency spending bill Wednesday as his office works on comprehensive groundwater reform.