Voices from the Past: Nixon, Congress Debate the Clean Water Act

Four decades ago, national leaders talked about our duty and…

Book Review of "A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy"

A new book from the Pacific Institute argues that it is time to reassess the federal government’s roles and responsibilities for water management.
Spider lilies fill the banks of the upper Flint River, near Thomaston, Georgia. Alabama and Florida also share the river basin, which the three states have quarreled over for more than two decades.

Lessons Learned? How Drought Has Shaped Water Policy in Georgia

Just as it was five years ago, a record-breaking drought is evident…

Draft USGS Water Strategy Collides With Tough Budget Situation

Some key programs identified in the draft, which was released…

Oklahoma Sets Ambitious Goal for Water Conservation

Oklahoma's governor has signed a bill that would limit freshwater consumption in 2060 to current levels, while expanding the use of marginal sources, despite a projected 28 percent increase in population and 33 percent increase in consumptive demand.

Water Rights: Arizona Senators John Kyl and John McCain Meet With Navajo Nation Leaders

Decades in the making, a Navajo-Hopi water rights settlement…

National Security Assessment: Water Scarcity Disrupting U.S. and Three Continents

In a new report, the U.S. State Department finds a global confrontation between growing water demand and shrinking supplies, in addition to predictions for the next 30 years of water scarcity.

Not So Wet: England Grapples With Worst Drought in 30 Years

Dry times in southeastern England are seasoned with the favorite flavors of leaders in the arid American West: drought declarations, water restrictions, a desalination plant, and talk of piping "surplus" water to the south.

Climate Change Alters the Calculus for Water Infrastructure Planning

Adapting to climate change in the U.S., according to one estimate, will cost at least a half trillion dollars over the next four decades.

America’s Water Infrastructure Shows Its Age — The National Debate About How to Pay for Repairs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for renovation and…
President Obama spoke to students at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Va., on Monday, the day he submitted his fiscal year 2013 budget to Congress. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

President Obama’s 2013 Budget a Mixed Bag for Water, a Boon for Clean Energy

The president throws more clean-energy money at the Energy Department, while cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency's budget come at the expense of water and sewer infrastructure.

Water News: What's Ahead in 2012

News headlines are often dominated by the big, unexpected events…