Great Lakes Mayors Ask State and Federal Governments to Step Up On Algae

Drinking water summit focuses on Toledo water crisis. Photo…

The Stream, January 17: Heavy Monsoon Rains Flood Jakarta

Jakarta sits at a standstill after the heaviest monsoon rains in five years caused widespread severe flooding. Four people were killed and 20,000 evacuated, The Guardian reported, and more rain is forecast for the next few days.

The Stream, December 7: A New Route for Keystone XL?

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan near the…
Chicago Spearheads $7 Billion Plan to Fix Its Crumbling Infrastructure

Chicago’s $7 Billion Plan to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure

From expanding its largest airport to replacing century-old water…

Obama, With Emanuel, May Spell Greater Conservation Efforts for the Great Lakes

Advocacy groups and political analysts predict strong Great…