The Stream, January 17: Heavy Monsoon Rains Flood Jakarta

Jakarta sits at a standstill after the heaviest monsoon rains in five years caused widespread severe flooding. Four people were killed and 20,000 evacuated, the Guardian reported, and more rain is forecast for the next few days.

Shortages in Africa
A water crisis in Zimbabwe was blamed on a water-treatment chemical shortage, burst water pipes, and reoccurring power outages. Harare’s water director Christopher Zvogbo outlined the problems, AllAfrica reported, and said the city is turning to local and international chemical producers to fill the supply gap.

Liberian residents reached out to the government and aid groups to improve the quality and reliability of their water supply. Speaking to a local paper, AllAfrica reported, the residents said their only water sources are unhygienic creeks and rivers and a forest that is a 15 to 30-minute walk away.

Infrastructure Investment
Chicago, Ill., received a $US 15 million federal loan to rebuild its water infrastructure. Spread out over 20 years, the low-interest loan will replace drinking-water supply lines, the Chicago Tribune reported, and upgrade parts of a water and sewage system that dates to before 1890.

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