The Stream, April 27: Water Cycle Intensifying Faster Than Predicted

Climate change is causing the global water cycle to accelerate and intensify faster than previously thought, with the possibility that it could intensify 16-24 percent by 2100, according to a new study published in the journal Science, Nature reported. This means that dry areas of the globe will become drier, while wet regions will likely experience stronger storms and floods.

International investors are focusing on the poorest countries as they continue to buy up large tracts of farmland in order to export food, Bloomberg News reported, citing a study from the Land Matrix research group. The ‘land grabs’ could increase water consumption in the countries by 13 percent.

Water trading markets are an important tool for managing water resources in the future, according to this article in Forbes.

Safe Water
A report by PBS Newshour investigates why safe drinking water is out of reach for many living in Liberia’s slums, where 18 percent of all deaths are caused by waterborne illnesses.

The new route for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, released last week, will avoid the ecologically-sensitive Sandhills region of Nebraska, but landowners are worried that it still crosses the Ogallala Aquifer, according to Reuters. The pipeline would transport crude oil from Canada’s tar sands to refineries along the Gulf of Mexico.

After months of drought, southern England has now been warned to expect flooding as rains persist over the next week, the Press Association reported. But the wet weather won’t be enough to end the drought, and hosepipe bans will continue.

Thirty-six people have died due to severe floods and landslides in the thick of Colombia’s rainy season, causing some to call for improvements to government flood prevention measures, AlertNet reported.

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