Business, Finance Leaders Address U.S. Water Policy

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As Snow Survey Reveals Drought Deficit, Californians Take Extraordinary Measures to Cope

Sierra Nevada snowpack, a major part of California's water supply equation, is near record lows.

‘Transformational’ Water Reforms, Though Wrenching, Helped Australia Endure Historic Drought, Experts Say

California, in the third year of its worst drought ever, faces challenges similar to those of Australia. A panel of water policy experts and Circle of Blue journalists questioned whether the nation’s most populous state has the resolve to enact similar reforms.

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Foreign Investors Becoming Players in Australia’s Water Market

Well-defined water rights, increasing demand, and scarcity projections are attracting investment funds from abroad.

Australia’s Water Market Sets Trading Record in 2008, Despite Restrictions

The water trade in Australia is growing quickly, but some fear that state restrictions will hamper river restorations.