Water Shortage Leaves Poorer Mexicans High and Dry in Coronavirus Fight

Water scarcity complicates attempts to sanitize the area amid the spread of the coronavirus disease.

California Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed 19 People

State health emergency declared in response to largest U.S. hepatitis A outbreak in more than two decades.

Diseases of Poverty Identified in Alabama County Burdened by Poor Sanitation

Study finds “shocking” incidence of parasite infections in Lowndes County.

Durban Water and Sanitation For Poor Sets Global Standard

South African city's water experimentation and innovation serves…

Q&A: Sarina Prabasi on the Sustainable Development Goal for Sanitation

Sarina Prabasi is the CEO of WaterAid America, part of the international organization WaterAid working to improve access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. She talks with Circle of Blue about the Sustainable Development subgoal to achieve universal and equitable sanitation access.

Water Talk: Expert Q&As on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Water

For the first time, international leaders meeting in New York City this weekend will consider a dedicated goal for water.

Surviving the Nepal Earthquake

Circle of Blue intern Crystal Edmunds recounts her first-hand experience of the Gorkha earthquake and raises questions about what it means for water.

Middle East Conflicts Jeopardize Water for Millions

Water is both a weapon and a casualty of violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

U.S. Foreign Aid Agency’s New Water Strategy Targets Health and Food

The U.S. Agency for International Development last week unveiled…

The Stream, March 22: World Water Day 2013

To kick off World Water Day 2013, the United Nations released…

The Stream, March 20: Water Security Threats in Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific Lack of access to safe water in Pacific…