In Oakland, Still A City With Thorns, A New Garden Emerges (Part II)

Quality of life and economy thrive with greater care for water,…

In Oakland, Still A City With Thorns, A New Garden Emerges (Part I)

Quality of life and economy thrives with greater care for water,…

While South Carolina Floods, U.S. Wrestles With Urban Stormwater

Lawsuit requires EPA to address one of the largest water pollution sources in the country.

Los Angeles Looks to Stormwater to Secure Water Sustainability

Second largest U.S. city confronts new era of water scarcity with innovations on a new scale.

Infographic: 2015 Price of U.S. Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

Map of the cost of water service in 30 major U.S. cities. The…

Price of Water 2015: Up 6 Percent in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 41 Percent Rise Since 2010

As urban water use declines, utilities change business models. Graphic…

Important California Water Infrastructure Talks Start This Week

State and local agencies plan to invest billions in new assets.

The Stream, April 9: China’s New Dams Raise Concern of Water Wars

The Chinese government recently decided to construct five new…

The Stream, February 5: Water-Energy Nexus in China

When a Greenpeace China rapid response team ventured to a chemical…

To Drought-proof City’s Water Supply, Sydney Proposes a Second Set of Pipes

Australia’s largest urban economy wants to build a parallel water system to deliver non-potable supplies.

Federal Water Mandates Blowing a Hole in Municipal Budgets, Local Leaders Say

Local government officials and utility leaders ask U.S. Congress to invest in water projects and to provide regulatory flexibility. The framework is part of a broader debate about how to balance ecosystems, public health and financial constraints, in this, the 40th year of the Clean Water Act.

Oregon Congressman Proposes Clean Water Trust Fund

Revenue for the fund would come from taxes on containers and waste products.