The Stream, April 9: China’s New Dams Raise Concern of Water Wars

The Chinese government recently decided to construct five new dams on rivers flowing to neighboring countries – effectively negating the bilateral water treaties that its neighbors agreed upon. Professor and commentator Brahma Chellaney argues in The Washington Times concerns about water wars and biodiversity disruption follow the decision

Pacific Islands
A freshwater shortage in the Solomon Islands, caused in part by rapid population growth , is especially hard
on women and children. While 92 percent of the households in the capital, Honiara, do not have a regular
water supply, the Inter Press Service reported, the burden of finding water is put on women.

Storm Water
Los Angeles has issued strong incentives for cities to collaborate in programs to capture and filter rainwater, The New York Times reported. For a city where storm water and runoff has resulted in one of the filthiest beaches in the state, the new programs would not only provide drinking water, but would also benefit the region’s economy that is dependent on the beaches.

The climate change-driven relocation of vineyards may affect freshwater resources and existing ecosystems. Vineyards introduce sterilizing chemicals and fertilizers and have little habitat value. A search for more suitable climates for grapes may lead to a less suitable habitat for native species, reported The New York Times .


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