Rising Seas Threaten Tens of Millions More People with Inundation, Study Says. Even That May Underestimate the Impact

The Climate Central study did not account for relative sea-level rise. It assumed that land elevations remained constant. In the dynamic world, that is not the case.

As Seas Rise, Unchecked Groundwater Use Sinks Coastal Cities

Life on the coast is already hazardous. Groundwater mismanagement amplifies other risks.

Capital Flight? Indonesia Leader Suggests Moving Government Out of Sinking Jakarta

Unsustainable groundwater use is one factor that could prompt a political and urban restructuring in Indonesia.

Sinking Land Crushes California Groundwater Storage Capacity

Overpumping diminishes ability to store water underground.

Sinking Land Causes California Water Chokepoint

Buckled canals, damaged because of groundwater pumping, impair state’s ability to deliver water and control floods.

Virginia Officials Recognize Groundwater Pumping Allows Sea To Rush In

Reversing aquifer decline will test state oversight and local…

Groundwater Pumping Sinks Beijing Region at Increasing Rate

Satellite data reveal the depths of the megacity’s thirst. By…

The Fall and Potential Rise of California’s San Joaquin Valley

Groundwater pumping is reshaping California’s farm belt.

Texas Fund Turns Oil Dollars into Water Investments

Houston is the big winner in first round of state financing for new water infrastructure fund.

American Geophysical Union 2014 Recap: That Sinking, Drying, Sharing Feeling

Water features prominently at world’s largest Earth sciences…

Peter Gleick: California’s Looming Groundwater Catastrophe

gleickcalipump21 California is one of the only states in the United States with almost completely unregulated groundwater use.

In the Mississippi Delta, No Choice but to Drown

mississippi_river A new study in Monday's issue of Nature Geoscience reports "significant" drowning of the Mississippi River delta is "inevitable"