U.S. Clean Water Law Needs New Act for the 21st Century

Seminal water law does not address nation's emerging water pollution challenges.

Washington Water Main, May 2: Water’s Place In U.S. Natural Gas Exports

More than a dozen natural gas export terminals are proposed in the U.S. How will they affect water?

Report: Why Asian Carp eDNA Still Matters in the Fight for the Great Lakes

Researchers see great promise in eDNA testing to detect invasive and rare species at low abundance — including invasive Asian carp — but refining the tool is a long process.

The Stream, October 22: California’s Water-Infrastructure Challenges Intensifying

Water is becoming ever-more expensive in California. Major infrastructure…

The Stream, September 28: Brazil’s Agricultural Future Buoyed by Water

Days of heavy rainfall have swollen rivers in the United Kingdom,…

The Stream, June 20: Maryland’s Million-year-old Water

Maryland is sitting atop an aquifer containing water that is…

The Stream, May 18: Climate Change Will Affect U.S. Water Availability

Water levels on the flooding Rio Negro in Brazil have reached…

Advance of the Invader: Asian Carp Continue March to Northern Waters

Live carp have been found in North Dakota and past the electric barriers in Chicago. As the carp push forward, Michigan and other Great Lakes states are once again asking the U.S. Supreme Court to speed up action to stop the advance of the invader.

Pacific Institute Report: Setbacks and Solutions of Water-Energy Clash in U.S. Intermountain West

At the forefront of a national trend, this region is already suffering from intense conflicts that willy only worsen with climate change and population growth. However, the report also highlights several ways to dramatically reduce the water requirements for electricity generation.
USGS groundwater water pollution contamination 2011 report arsenic manganese radon uranium

USGS Report: Trace Elements Exceed Health Standards in 20 Percent of U.S. Water Wells

Utilities are required by law to treat water to national standards, but no such controls exist for private wells, where the risk from contaminants is greater.

UK Utility Plans Europe’s First Phosphorus Recovery Plant

Meanwhile in the United States, phosphorus levels in fresh water remain high and progress is absent, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

USGS Reports Declining Water Supply, Rising Mineral Wealth in Kabul

Mining for Kabul's untapped reserves could further compromise the area's already fragile water resources