The Stream, September 28: Brazil’s Agricultural Future Buoyed by Water

Days of heavy rainfall have swollen rivers in the United Kingdom, where nearly 60 flood warnings remained in force Thursday and areas of York were already underwater, the Guardian reported.

South America
Brazil has the potential to become the world’s breadbasket due to its water resources, argues private investor and author James Dale Davidson in his new book “Brazil is the New America”, the Christian Science Monitor reported. Davidson calls Brazil the world’s “superpower of water.”

Economic growth in Lima, Peru is limited by a water scarcity problem driven by poor water management and rising demand, MarketWatch reported.

Climate Change
Rising metal concentrations in the water of the western United States’ Upper Snake River are linked to climate change, suggests a recent study by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The changing metal levels are bad news for local plants and wildlife, and could complicate projects to clean up mine sites, The New York Times reported.

Within the next three years, Tibet will spend more than $US 25 million to create a comprehensive database for 44 rivers in order to improve water management, Xinhua reported.

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