The Stream, October 28: Environmental Security in Latin America

Environmental security is becoming a top priority in international…

Peter Gleick: Water Emergencies — Time for New Plans and Technology

The world faces a wide range of serious, complex, and long-term water challenges, from shortages to contamination to local and regional disputes over water to long-term climate changes. But there are other challenges that are short-term, emergency situations that could also be addressed by some new thinking and new technology.
Infographic: China’s Water Pollution Events and Protection Policies (2004-2011)

Infographic: China's Water Pollution Events and Protection Policies (2004-2011)

China has some of the dirtiest and most dangerous water in the world. This detailed and interactive timeline shows key pollution events, protests, and policy reforms from the last eight years at both the national and regional levels as China tries to clean up its act.
USGS groundwater water pollution contamination 2011 report arsenic manganese radon uranium

USGS Report: Trace Elements Exceed Health Standards in 20 Percent of U.S. Water Wells

Utilities are required by law to treat water to national standards, but no such controls exist for private wells, where the risk from contaminants is greater.

The Stream, October 3: France To Cancel Shale Gas Permits

France plans to cancel shale gas exploration permits granted…

The Stream, September 13: Renewable Energy in Africa

After financing about $9.3 billion of hydropower in Africa, China…

From Coal Seam to Fracking, Unconventional Gas Industry Faces Opposition in Australia and South Africa

As an energy boom, propelled by natural gas, continues to gather steam, mining and drilling companies square off with landowners around the globe over who has the right to resources that are located deep below ground.

The Stream, August 15: Cholera Spreads in Somalia

A cholera epidemic is spreading in drought- and famine-hit Somalia,…

The Stream, August 11: Australia's Climate Change Debate

Climate-change wrangling in Australia has descended into death…

The Stream, August 3: Of Food and Conflict

The Shabab Islamist insurgent group in Somalia is blocking starving…

The Stream, July 29: U.S. Cities To Face More Weather Extremes

A new National Resources Defense Council report concludes that…

The Stream, July 15: Central Asia's Climate-Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Peabody Energy Corp. will pursue a giant coal-mine project in…