The Stream, October 28: Environmental Security in Latin America

Environmental security is becoming a top priority in international relations, as showcased by disputes over natural resources and pollution in Latin America, The Guardian reported. Access to water is the most likely to create conflicts, policy experts say.

North America
Five Great Lakes states are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to speed up federal efforts to keep invasive Asian carp from infiltrating the lake system, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Meanwhile, a ban on new uranium mining operations near the Grand Canyon may take effect following a recommendation by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, UPI reported.

Floods in Thailand are forcing evacuations in Bangkok as authorities try to divert a 3-meter-deep wall of water, Bloomberg reported. Industrial properties damaged by the floods may force Japanese insurers to pay out $2.5 billion.

Better management of the Nile’s water resources is needed to sustain sufficient agriculture for the region’s exploding population, according to a United Nations study, the U.N. News Centre reported.

The long-awaited rainfall in Kenya threatens to bring floods and disease, according to UNICEF.

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