Ned Breslin: An Inside Look at Water for People’s ‘Everyone Forever’ Initiative

For World Water Day 2013, Skoll World Forum and Circle of Blue asked four of the world’s leading water experts to weigh in. Here is what Ned Breslin, CEO of Water For People, had to say about what WASH nonprofits can do to reach full coverage.
Soup and Sustenance in the Mountains of Bolivia

Ned Breslin: Soup and Sustenance in the Mountains of Bolivia

Microloans and payment plans help the trickle-down economics of water infrastructure installation.

Ned Breslin: Shifting Gears — Promoting Potential, Not Poverty, Is Positive Pledge for World Water Day

We need a mind shift this World Water Day; a transformation in how we think about and the approach we take to getting the message out to the world about water on this one day. And the shift is long overdue.

Ned Breslin: Lasting Coverage — Retooling the WASH Model’s “Beneficiary” Indicators (Part II)

So if “beneficiaries” are a terrible indicator of success in the international water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector, then what should take their place?
Billions & Billions Served

Ned Breslin: Counted Like Sheep — Retooling the WASH Model’s “Beneficiary” Indicators (Part I)

I hate the word “beneficiary.” Beneficiary is a misleading indicator and driver of development assistance.

Do It and Prove It—Information Technology Opens Up the Water Sector

Organizations are creating tech tools to shine light on water supply operations—and improve service.

U.S. State Department Releases Annual Report on Water Aid

An assessment of U.S. spending for water aid shows that funding from USAID has increased, while Millennium Challenge water grants decreased.

Q&A: Ned Breslin on Rethinking Hydro-Philanthropy in Water Aid

There’s often a major disconnect between good intentions and long-term positive change, especially in an era of turmoil where philanthropy can sometimes do more harm than good.