Water Bill Assistance for the Poor Hindered by State Laws

Restrictions on utilities result in weak aid programs, study finds.

West Virginia Confronts Maryland Over Potomac River Authority

Attorney general threatens U.S. Supreme Court lawsuit unless…

In Supreme Court, Florida and Georgia Argue Over Water Use

Water planning in the South has not kept pace with demand. By…

Mississippi’s Claim That Tennessee Is Stealing Groundwater Is A Supreme Court First

A dispute over an aquifer that crosses political boundaries could…

U.S. Clean Water Enforcement Strategy: Big Penalties But Fewer Prosecutions

Agencies are going after polluters with smaller staffs and less money.

Hawaii River Restorations Reflect National Desire to Protect Water for Public Benefit

Using public trust doctrine, communities restore streams diverted…
Black Volta River

Update: UN Transboundary Water Treaty Moves Forward As Cote d’Ivoire Approves Ratification

Though three more ratifications are needed before the UN Watercourses Convention has the force of international law, advocates assert that four countries are close: Ireland, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Texas Water District Finds Few Friends in Quest for Water in Oklahoma

A water rights case to be argued in the U.S. Supreme Court this week has national implications.

The Stream, January 9: West Bank Floods as Wall Blocks Drainage

Winter Storms An Israeli security barrier built mostly in occupied…

Western U.S. Governors Say Water Transfers Vital But Need to Protect Rural Economies

Better data is needed too. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue The…

Support for UN Water Treaty Accelerates

Progress on the treaty, which deals with transboundary water basins, or those shared by two or more countries, had stalled — until a major conservation group got involved.

Book Review of “A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy”

A new book from the Pacific Institute argues that it is time to reassess the federal government’s roles and responsibilities for water management.