The Stream, January 9: West Bank Floods as Wall Blocks Drainage

Winter Storms
An Israeli security barrier built mostly in occupied areas of the West Bank is blocking the drainage of flood waters after a winter storm, Reuters reported. The wall does have drainage channels, but many are closed or clogged with debris.

Conditions for Syrian refugees have further deteriorated after the eastern Mediterranean region was hit with the worst winter storm in 20 years, AlertNet reported. Rain and snow have flooded some camps, and poor road conditions have added to a growing food problem.

Water Wars
After years of drought, Texas is wrangling with its neighbors to secure water supplies. The state’s case against Oklahoma, which seeks to free up water for Fort Worth from a Red River tributary, will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, The New York Times reported. Meanwhile, Texas is also suing New Mexico over a claim that the state is pumping out too much groundwater from the Rio Grande basin, according to KRQE news.

Raiders in Kenya killed eight people in attacks attributed to a dispute over grazing land and water, Reuters reported. Police, however, believe the violence is related to upcoming political elections.

United Kingdom
An agreement between the UK’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and members of the Dairy UK trade association will help the dairy industry to further reduce its water use, Environmental Leader reported. The industry’s Dairy Roadmap plan already calls for a 30 percent cut in milk processor water use by 2020.

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