U.S. State Department Details Global Water Concerns

Beyond definitions of public and private responsibility, water remains a people issue. In a presentation to the American Water Resources Association, Special Coordinator for Water Resources at the State Department Dr. Aaron Salzberg presented a federal take on water woes worldwide. Using accessible statistics, the slides chronicle the state of water from drought and famine related deaths to groundwater use and potential basin conflicts.

Salzberg emphasized the State Department’s role in addressing resource wrangles through implementing initiatives that realize basic human need, economic growth and poverty reduction, building trust and promoting cooperation and also building democracy.

The presentation also highlights how access to safe water affects health and economic prosperity — pointing out a strong correlation between Zimbabwe’s annual rainfall and their fluctuating GDP. Zimbabwe, a country stricken by exponential inflation and collapsing infrastructure, continues to grapple with an ever worsening cholera outbreak.

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Source: WaterWired

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