Fluoride Debate Hits Several Major U.S. Cities

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The Stream, August 21: Microbes in Drinking Water Provide New Insights

Drinking Water Bacteria A University of Michigan study showed…

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America’s Water Infrastructure Shows Its Age — The National Debate About How to Pay for Repairs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for renovation and…

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Public Art Purple Pipe

Mixing Art and Technology: North America’s Largest Membrane-filtration Sewage Plant Opens Near Seattle

The $1.8 billion Brightwater facility, 10 miles northeast of Seattle, eschews old notions of what a sewage plant is. State-of-the-art membrane technology produces reusable water, a trail system allows outdoor recreation, and wetlands give salmon a place to spawn.

The Stream, July 7: The World’s Top 10 Most Resilient Cities

CO2 IMPACT ranks the world's top 10 most "resilient cities,"…
Wastewater Recycled for Drinking Water

Wastewater Recycled for Drinking: Low Water Reserves Prompt Australian Push

On Australia’s western coast, the city of Perth is in critical danger of depleting the water reserves held by its dams. In response, the government is pumping treated wastewater into the Gnangara Mound Aquifer.

Sudan’s Fight Against the Guinea Worm

The Guinea worm has the potential to become the second completely eradicated disease in human history—but the political stability of one African nation will play a crucial role.

Michigan Looks Forward and Sees a New, Blue Economy

Business and government leaders in Southeast Michigan want to move beyond the green economy to a blue one, leveraging the state’s plentiful freshwater access for its economic advantage.

Beijing Sets Water Example for Future Olympics, Report Says

beijing_01 China’s water policy for the Beijing Olympics was given a thumbs-up by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in a report released earlier this year.

Cali water agencies under pressure to lower arsenic levels

SAN FRANCISCO -- Arsenic levels in eleven Californian water…