Cali water agencies under pressure to lower arsenic levels

SAN FRANCISCO — Arsenic levels in eleven Californian water systems are too high says the Environmental Protection Agency. In a press release, the agency told local managers to lower the levels or face a $32,500 fine per day for each violation.

“Providing people with safe drinking water is essential and public water systems must take the steps necessary to comply with all federal standards,” Alexis Strauss, the Water Division director for the EPA’s Pacific Southwest region, told the press.

Long term exposure to arsenic, a naturally occurring element, has been linked to cancer, heart disease, and neurological systems. The element can be removed from drinking water supplies using various methods.

Affected Areas:

  • City of Delano, Kern County
  • Tranquility Irrigation District public water system, Fresno County
  • Armona Community Service District public water system, Kings County
  • Public Water System located at 21600 Eight Street East, Sonoma County
  • Groskopf Warehousing & Logistics public water system, Sonoma County
  • Lancelot Mobile Home Park public water system, Santa Rosa
  • Rancho de Sonoma Mobile Home Park, Sonoma County
  • Riverdale Public Utility District, Fresno County
  • J Vineyards & Winery, Sonoma County
  • Arvin Community Services District, Kern County
  • Pla-Vada Woodlands Community Association, Nevada County

Source : Environmental Protection Agency press release

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    i think that water westeg is so unhelthy for our conunry. we thik that this is very minner wasteg but it will be future that is the very dengures for our cultture.

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