California Water Board Changes Power Plant Regulations to Protect Aquatic Life

Power plants will be required to change their cooling systems to reduce the amount of water they withdraw from oceans and estuaries as a result.

Supreme Court Rejects Michigan’s Asian Carp Lawsuit

Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox is “looking at other legal avenues” to pursue the carp battle.

Bid to Protect Michigan’s Groundwater Draws Opposition, Praise

A proposed bill that declares Michigan’s groundwater a “public trust” has set off a storm of controversy, with opponents claiming that the legislation would expose property owners to new state fees.

Peter Gleick: Water and Energy - Obey the Law on Cooling Systems

The connections between energy and water are significant and complex. We use vast amounts of energy to collect, move, treat, use, and clean water. And we use vast amounts of water to produce energy, including for mining, drilling, and processing fossil and nuclear fuels, and especially for cooling power plants.

2009 California Water Plan Published

Report recommends upgrading the state's information base to better user understanding of the water system.
Hydro Resources, a well-drilling contractor, works around the clock to punch new holes in the Ogallala Aquifer in Kansas. The Ogallala, the primary water source in the Great Plains, is declining because billions of gallons are pumped out each year to irrigate corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton.

EPA Launches National Study of Hydraulic Fracturing

Is the injection of chemicals and water underground contaminating the environment in pursuit of natural gas?

Supreme Court Takes Second Look at Michigan’s Asian Carp Injunction

Will they reconsider a motion filed by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to block Asian carp from the Great Lakes?

Senate Committee to Vote on Clean Drinking Water Bill

Clean Drinking Water Bill emphasizes the importance of water and sanitation in U.S. foreign aid. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote at its next business meeting on a bill to provide safe drinking water to 100 million people, according to a committee staff member.

Midwestern Cities Sue Chemical Company for Polluting Water Supply

A group of Midwestern communities and water districts has filed a federal lawsuit against Swiss corporation Syngenta AG and its American subsidiary

Clean Water Act Leaves Waterways Vulnerable to Pollution

As many as half of the nation’s largest water polluters might be exempt from the Clean Water Act’s requirements because Supreme Court decisions never clarified what waterways the act protects.

Block Those Flying Fish: Great Lakes Politicians Pressure Illinois, Washington on Asian Carp

Michigan’s Attorney General and U.S. Representative Camp host a rally.

Q&A: Michigan Attorney General Talks about Asian Carp

Circle of Blue speaks with Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox about the fight to protect the Great Lakes against Asian carp.