The Pleasant Power Station, Willow Island, West Virginia. 1.3 megawatt coal-fired power plant.

FOIA Lawsuit Seeks Release of U.S. Department of Energy’s ‘Water-Energy Roadmap’

The report, one of two ordered by Congress on water and energy, has been delayed for years.
Tar Sands Map

South of the Border—Second Environmental Review of Tar Sands Pipeline Leaves Many Groups Unsatisfied

Residents and lawmakers in Nebraska mull their options for protecting key groundwater sources.
Au Sable

Divided Michigan Supreme Court Overturns Anglers of the Au Sable Decision, Reverses Environmental Victory

The Michigan Supreme Court’s new conservative majority overturned a four-month-old court decision by a 4-3 margin this week, casting doubt on the rights of state citizens to sue over environmental harm.
Post Katrina Water Issues in New Orleans

Plugging a Leak — Post-Katrina New Orleans Wants Feds to Pay for Water System Overhaul

City officials have something to prove, and the city has a lot riding on it.

EPA Releases Draft Assessment of Environmental Effects of Biofuels

Preliminary report describes an infant cellulosic biofuels industry with a mandate to grow up fast.

Michigan Supreme Court Decision in Au Sable River Case Shores Up Protection for Environment

Court blocks dumping into a popular fly-fishing stream, sets precedent to protect Michigan waters from pollution.

North vs. South—Carolina States Settle Water Dispute Without Supreme Court

A negotiated agreement ends a three-year conflict between North Carolina and South Carolina over the Catawba and Yadkin rivers.

Arizona’s Gamble — Conserve Water Now, Prevent Deeper Cuts Tomorrow

For years, the state took as much water as it could from Lake Mead; now it plans to leave some in the reservoir.

Feds Pledge $47 Million To Asian Carp Fight; States Appeal Court Loss

Last week, the Obama Administration announced an updated plan, which included additional research but not closing the Chicago locks.

Asian Carp — On the Docket in D.C. and Chicago; On the Menu in Michigan

Federal judge rejects Asian carp injunction as Congress passes a ban on their import.

EPA and Halliburton Skirmish — Promises of Safer Fracking Fluid

After denying EPA disclosure request, Halliburton promises safer fracking fluid and more disclosure.

Navajo Nation Council Approves Water Rights Settlement

If signed by the U.S. Congress, the deal would give the Navajo and Hopi tribes rights to Colorado River water.