Infographic: State Legislatures Bridge Water-Energy Gap

A look at 16 states with statutes that acknowledge the tightening chokepoint between declining water resources and rising energy demand.

U.S. Gains Carp Czar, Court Hears Testimony on the Invasive Fish

The newly appointed czar says he's undecided on separating the infested Mississippi and Illinois rivers from Lake Michigan.

Asian Carp Case Goes to Court as Foundation Pledges $500,000 to Protect the Great Lakes

Invasive Asian carp make a surprise appearance on the Missouri River.

Fracking Regulations Vary Widely from State to State

A look at how states across America are facing deep frack dilemmas.

EPA Releases Draft of Clean Water Strategy for Public Comment

The EPA seeks stricter pollution standards and a national water quality assessment.

EPA and State Department Square Off On Tar Sands Pipeline

Water use and greenhouse gas emissions are major concerns with oil interests plays.

Michigan Supreme Court Case Could Strengthen Protection of State’s Lakes, Streams and Groundwater

An environmental group’s legal victory in the fight to block the dumping of water from a contaminated site into a popular Michigan fly-fishing stream may provide stronger legal protections for lakes and streams across the state.

Peter Gleick: The California Water Bond — What Does Proposition 18 Really Say and Do?

The costs and benefits of California's largest water bond in a half century have not been fully assessed by an independent organization.

Great Lakes States Sue Federal Government Over Asian Carp Threat

The recent discovery of a live carp close to Lake Michigan may bolster the states’ case, legal expert says.

Environmental Groups Sue BP Under Clean Water Act

Landmark act could be used by the federal government to recover billions in fines, send people to jail.

Clean Water Act Proposal Would Strengthen Federal Protection

Opponents call the proposal a federal power grab, while the bill's author says it would restore the original intent of the landmark water legislation.