The Stream, January 13: Water Pollution Looms In Lake Titicaca

Growing urban populations, poor infrastructure and unenforced…

The Stream, December 9: Farming with Less Water

The United States Environmental Protection Agency linked hydraulic…
Temperature Map

2011 is Record-setting Year for Climate Change: Ice Melts in Arctic, High Temps in U.S.

A new study has revealed that ice volume in the Arctic Sea reached an all-time low in 2010. Meanwhile, in the United States, more high-temperature records have been set this summer than in any other year previously, as well as many regions that have broken rainfall and drought records.

Deadly La Niña Goes Global—Part I: For Western Hemisphere, Record Rains in Latin America

Hundreds have died in Colombian floods, as cooler sea temperatures affect regions around the Pacific; climate change seen as a possible cause.

Cholera in Haiti -- The Climate Connection

Researchers explain the correlation between environmental interactions and human health, as reported infections climb to 10,000 cases.

Egyptian NGO Wins UN Prize for Water and Sanitation Projects

The United Nation's World Habitat Award honors community-based model for clean drinking water and sanitation.

Flooding Causes Cholera Outbreak Spread in Cameroon

Cameroon’s worst cholera outbreak since 2004 has killed at least 100 people and could spread to neighboring countries.

Flooding Continues to Devastate Pakistan

Misery in Pakistan mounts as flooding hinders relief efforts; threatens to spread waterborne diseases.

Flooding Kills Hundreds in Pakistan

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused rivers to overflow—triggering landslides, destroying villages and blocking rescue efforts.

Record-Breaking Heat Sweeps Across Russia

High temperatures have caused forest fires around Moscow, damaged farmland and left 23 regions in a state of emergency.

Flooding Tests Three Gorges Dam, Pollutes Songhua River in China

Chemical pollution is the latest calamity as heavy rains continue to blanket the country with floods.

Floods in Myanmar and Bangladesh Displace Thousands, Dozens Dead

Thousands are left homeless along the Naf River border of Bangladesh and Myanmar due to flash floods.