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The Stream, April 23: Water Rates in the United States

Water rates will be slowly but steadily rising in the United States, and water utilities across the nation are likely to issue more debt to renew and expand their pipelines, Reuters reported, citing a panel of experts at a forum in Las Vegas. Water shortages could also become worse in the coming years, even in the eastern U.S.

Some of the driest parts of Africa have potentially big reserves of underground water that could provide a buffer against the effects of climate change for years to come, according to researchers from the British Geological Survey and University College London, Reuters reported.

The water factor in the French presidential race? Suez Environment is trialling a program of discounted water tariffs in a town in southern France that could be extended across the country if Socialist presidential contender Francois Hollande is elected in the upcoming polls, Bloomberg News reported.

Fracking won’t transform Great Britain as it has America, according to The Economist.

Take a look at this NASA gallery featuring images of different locations on the planet and how they’ve changed over time under the effects of climate change, urbanization or natural hazards, such as fires and floods.

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Author: Nadya Ivanova , a Bulgaria native, is a Chicago-based reporter for Circle of Blue. She co-writes The Stream, a daily digest of international water news trends. Interests: Europe, China, Environmental Policy, International Security.

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