Water Supply at Risk, Las Vegas Considers $650 Million Insurance Policy

A new pumping station would draw water from the bottom of a shrinking Lake Mead.

Lake Mead Drains to Record Low As Western Drought Deepens

Despite drying conditions, four states plan additional water…
Colorado River

Fortune Telling: Colorado River Teeters Toward First-ever Shortage Declaration

In the short term, water prices would rise and groundwater pumping would increase. In the long term, demand would have to drop.

The Crash of the Growth Wave Forces Cities and Towns to Raise Water Rates

The exurbs of Minnesota’s Twin Cities are the latest examples…

Photo Slideshow: Above the Colorado River

A bird's eye view of the Colorado River demonstrates how persistent drought conditions affect the basin and how the southern Nevada region manages its share of what trickles down.

Q&A: Pat Mulroy on Las Vegas and the Journey to Water Efficiency

Patricia Mulroy, general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority, talks with Circle of Blue at the 5th Annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference.

The Price of Water 2012: 18 Percent Rise Since 2010, 7 Percent Over Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities

Rates have increased in many cities, but local conditions dictate by how much and how the increase is distributed. Chicago prices are up nearly 25 percent, while Los Angeles is down by 9 percent.

The Stream, April 23: Water Rates in the United States

Water rates will be slowly but steadily rising in the United…

America’s Water Infrastructure Shows Its Age — The National Debate About How to Pay for Repairs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for renovation and…

The Stream, September 27: Water (In)Efficiency Around the World

There is enough fresh water in the world to meet the soaring…

Proposed Nevada Pipeline and Water Rights: Report Describes Worst-case Scenario, State Engineer Hears Case

On Monday, the Nevada state engineer will hear opening arguments in a water-rights case that has been ongoing for more than two decades. If passed, the construction of an extensive infrastructure network could dramatically raise the average monthly water bill for many of the state's residents, as well as impact public lands and endangered species.

James Workman: My Local Wants vs. Their Global Needs — UN Water Forum Hints at Tensions of Competing Agendas

Heavy hitters in the water world met at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on September 16 for a public-awareness marketing campaign. But who is the target audience? And what message do they need to hear?